Malapascua Island, Cebu: An Spontaneous Day Tour

Are you living in the “Queen in the City of the South”? Also looking for a great summer getaway that is away from the urban city? Well, somewhere in the north coast of Cebu there is an island name Malapascua Island. This pristine island becomes an attraction to foreign divers due to its rich marine sanctuary. Diving with the Thresher sharks and Manta Rays are the main attraction of the island. It is only the Philippines that this distinctive tailed animal can be find in a shallower waters. Diving is not the only attraction in the island. Its pristine white sand beaches and it tortoise clear waters also good for beach bumming and swimming. You can go around the island by hiking or a motor bike. There are also motorbike for hire if you want to do a Do-It-Yourself. During my visit, I roam around the island by foot, I prefer it this way. Recently, a cliff jumping becomes the new attraction in the island. The cliff can be find in the northern tip of the island in the Los Bamboos Resort. The cliff is approximately 60-80 ft high where you need an encouragement from peers to jump.

How to Get there

Malapascua Island is very accessible by any means of transportation. If you’re not from Cebu, you need to get first to Cebu by air or sea. There are daily flights to/from Cebu by most of the airlines operating in the Philippines. You can also do sea travel if flying is not an option. From Mactan Cebu Airport or Cebu Port, you need to go to North Bus terminal. It is located in Subangdako, Mandaue City. Then once you arrive in the bus terminal, take the bus with a sign that contains “Maya port/Newport”. The bus will leave the terminal mostly every hour. Travel time is approximately 4-5 hours. There are also buses that offers one-stop, in this case you can save some time. Once you arrive at the Maya port/new port, you can go straight buy your tickets and go straight to the island. Travel time is approximately 30mins. Once arrive in the island you’re now good to around the island. It depends on your itinerary.


Bus Fare (v.v)                           – Php  400.00
Outrigger Boat (v.v)               – Php  200.00
Municipal Fee                          – Php     10.00
Los Bamboos Entrance Fee – Php     25.00
Motorbike Fare (Commute)  – Php      15.00
Total                                          – Php  650.00

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