Cebu: Lambug Beach Badian

Lambug Beach

Lambug Beach is a famous open beach in Badian Cebu with a long white sand beach.There are now numerous budget rooms along the beach. It is best for Summer Getaway away from the usual crowded beach resorts in metropolis. There are privately owned establishments who offers cottages and nipa huts for rent on the beach front. There are now establishments who offers private rooms along the beach if planning to stay overnight. Some people prefer to set up camping tents on the shoreline with a minimal fee depending on the location; mostly near a hostel, in front of a private area. In the far end of the beach you can set-up a tent without a fee. There is no entrance fee in Lambug beach. Everyone can come and go any time they want.

How to get to Lambug Beach:

  1. You need to get to Cebu South Bus Terminal. Take a bus that plying the route going to Bato via Barili and then tell the ticket issuer to drop you off at Badian town. There is a small bus terminal near the Cebu South Bus terminal. This terminal is solely for Librando Transport Bus company. Librando buses destination is only in Badian town. The fare is approximately Php 110 – Php 130.
  2. Take a motorcycle going to Lambug Beach (Lambug beach is very famous in town, so you don’t have to worry). The fee depends on your negotiation skills but they have a standard fee Php 50/person.
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