Chasing Waterfalls: Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan

Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan Cebu
Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan Cebu

South Cebu is indeed a crown jewel. When you talk about Cebu Adventures, in the southern part of Cebu has a lot to offer. From mountaineering, trekking, canyoneering or going into waterfall hopping or also known as Chasing Waterfalls. This is because of the number of waterfalls in the southern part of Cebu.

One of the so many destination of “Chasing Waterfalls” adventure is the Inambakan Falls. Located in the town of Ginatilan Cebu. The location of the waterfall is like Tinago Falls in Iligan City. You still need to trek down from the drop-off. The place is very accessible by cars or motor vehicles.

Once you get there, you will be fascinated by its natural beauty. There is a rock at the bottom of the fall that can be access at the back. The water around the fall is not too shallow, so you can swim towards the falls and climb up the rock.

How to get there

Inambakan Falls in located in Ginatilan Cebu. The town can is accessible by bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. In the bus terminal take a bus that is bound for Lilo-an via Barili. The fare is around Php 130.00 – Php 160.00. Then drop at Ginatilan town proper or tell the bus fare collector to drop you off at Inambakan Falls junction. Then at the junction, take motorcycle to get you to Inambakan drop-off. You can negotiate for the fare and you can also ask the driver to wait if you are not gonna take long in the area and you want to return back to the town proper.

I don’t have an idea on how much or what is the standard rate for the motorcycle going to Inambakan because we got a private van from Cebu City for this trip. As for the rate of the van, it is around Php 4,000.00 to Php8,000.00 depending on the itineraries.

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