Camotes Island

How to get there:

Going to Camotes Island is easy. The easy and most preferable way is from Cebu City.

The route will be from Cebu City to Danao Port (Danao City), then Danao Port to Camotes Island. You can take a taxi or a bus going to Danao Port.

Cebu to Danao Port

By taxi, you can just hop-in and get directly to Danao Port. You can find most of the taxi drivers will refuse you to take you to Danao port because it is an hour long ride and they think that it’s not worth their while carrying a passenger to Danao port while there is no assurance that they can also get a passenger going back to the city to compensate the oil they lost if they return back empty handed. But if the price is right, you will be able to get one.

By bus, the cheapest way going to Danao Port. You can take a bus in North Bus terminal going to Danao Port. There are a lot of bus companies that can take you to Danao Port like the most known is the Ceres Bus, they will leave the terminal almost every half an hour. You can take a taxi or a jeepney going to North Bus terminal within the city. Travel time will be approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from the terminal.

Danao Port to Camotes Island

At Danao Port, buy a boat ticket going to Camotes Island. As of this writing; the Jomalia Shipping Lines is available to Consuelo port. There are also some outrigger boat that can also transport you to Camotes island via Poro port. But this outrigger boats are treated less by the port authority so they always be delayed. So better take the Jomalia Shipping Lines. Travel time will take approximately 2 hours.

Jomalia Shipping Lines schedule:

Danao Port to Consuelo:


Consuelo Port to Danao:


Fare rate:

Php 180.00 – Non-aircon
Php 200.00 – Aircon

From Consuelo Port, you can hop a motorcycle going to the resort that you checking in. Motorcycles have a standard fixed rate of Php 50 going only to the resort that you checking in. Also you can hire this driver for a tour before going to you hostel or resort, these motorcycle drivers will also be your tour guide. They will tour you around the island to the most tourist destination for a standard fixed rate of Php500. You have to negotiate on to where you want to go. If you still don’t have the hostel or resort to spend the night, you can also ask these drivers for suggestions for an affordable hostel or resort.

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