Basdaku, Moalboal Cebu

Bas Dako SunriseMoalboal is known on its white sand beaches. It is one of many diving spots in Cebu. This is where the famous Panagsama Beach located, where most of the resorts, restaurants, bars and dive schools are.

Moalboal has a lot to offer to its tourist like Snorkeling near the area are countless reefs with soft and hard corals and many different species of fish. The most popular activity of the island hopping are the Dolphin watching and Swim with the Sardines. White beach or Basdaku is the most popular public beach with a long white sand shoreline. Pescador Island is the famous diving spot for most divers that come to the place.

Bas Dako Shoreline

How to get there:

The easiest way to get to Moalboal is from Cebu City.

If you are from Manila, you can fly to Mactan Airport or to Dumaguete City. Mactan airport is advisable because most airlines offers daily flights. From there, you can take taxi, van or by bus.

TIP: if you are in group, better look/book for a van-for-hire in advance to pick you up at the Mactan airport and they will take you directly to your reserved hotel or resort in Panagsama beach or in around the area. Travel time is shorter compared to commuting.

The cheapest way to get to Moalboal town is by bus but travel time is longer. From Mactan airport, you can take a white/yellow taxi(expensive compared to white) and ask to go to Cebu South Bus Terminal (Fare is around Php 200 to Php 300. Mactan airport is quite far from the bus terminal). Then in the bus terminal, take the famous yellow bus Ceres Liner. They offer aircon and non-aircon buses. They buses that it’s final destination is Moalboal but you can also take the bus going to Lilo-an via Barili and tell the ticket issuer/collector to drop you off at Moalboal town. Then from there, you can take tricycle to Panagsama to your reserved hotel or resort.
if you are from Dumaguete City, take a jeepney going to Sibulan Port. The ferries going to Lilo-an port leaves Sibulan port almost every hour and it will take you 30 mins to Lilo-an Port. From Lilo-an port, take the bus going Cebu City via Barili (There are 2 routes going to Cebu City; one is via Oslob and the other is via Barili. Make sure you take the one via Barili). Then tell the collector to drop you off in Moalboal town then take tricycle going to Panagsama or to your reserved hotel or resort.

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