Chasing Waterfalls: Aguinid Falls Hidden Beauty

Aguinid Falls
Aguinid Falls

I already write an article about what to expect when you plan to visit Aguinid Falls. I also tell in that article that there is a hidden gem on top of all the tier. So in this article I will share what’s that hidden gem at the top.

On the first five tier, all you can see is a stream of water falling from the top of rock. Once on top of each rock you can only see simple and natural formation of rock created by the minerals found in the waters. You cannot see a single basin that looks likes an infinity pool. And that is what the hidden gem that I was talking about.

The big rock formation that you can see in the fifth tier is a basin with a waist level depth that it looks like an infinity pool. This is just one of the many infinity pool-like formation that you can experience.

You will need to rock wall climb again against the cascading flow of water to proceed to the next hidden gem of the place. This should the sixth major tier. This is difficult and most challenging because is it a 90 degree angle climb. And there is no rope or anything that you can grasp with upon climbing. Somebody needs to push or pull you up to succeed. In this part of the place, the water is now getting clearer until to the exit point.

The next hidden gem is looks like a virgin jungle with a stream of water flowing. The rock formation is getting smaller. But there are a lot of infinity pool-like formation with a waist level dept. The water is clear when remain untouched and cold.

I made a second visit to the place, but this time I started at the top going downstream until to the top of last or sixth tier fall. In this time, already bring my camera to take some photographs of the place.

In my opinion, climbing upstream until to top of the stream is a MUST-TRY to experience and witness the beauty of Aguinid Falls.

Have you already visited Aguinid Falls? Please leave a comment below to share your experience or you have any questions about the place if you are planning to visit the place.

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