“Explore and Enjoy the Beauty of Nature
while your life permits you to do so”

Osmena Peak Cebu
Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu

What is Blissful Juan?

Blissful Juan is typical filipino that are full of joy and thankful.


Who is behind Blissful Juan?.

The person behind the name Blissful Juan is none other than Eric Revilleza. He lives from the Queen City of the South; Cebu City. In addition, he graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Furthermore, he is now full time Software Engineer.


Why is Blissful Juan blogging?

He blogs because he wants to share or tell a story to the audience of his travel escapades and adventures. Additionally, he also want to give tips or information on the places that he visit or explored to those who plan to visit the places that he explored.


Why he travel?

He wants to visit every corner of the world and witness the great of creation nature and finally to learn other cultures and their history.